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Pacific Belle

Alstore was founded in the mid 80s by two mechanical engineers who went through university together. Their knowledge of engineering, business acumen and friendship saw them form a solid partnership which was later incorporated into ALSTORE Pty Ltd, a manufacturer of engineered products such as hardware equipment, street signs, air diffusers, pressure parts and equipment repair aswell as the infamous multi tool. Their enterprenial skill quickly allowed them to see that the market had a need for an economical, sanitary and long lived water storage device that could be easily made, transported and erected in a large variety of hard to reach and confined places, whilst maximizing the space available. They developed the stainless steel panel tank, a revolutionary idea for the time when considering what was available included cast iron, galvanized, nylon coated and various other tanks all of which had a number of profound problems.

Then in the 90s Alstore joined and incorporated the Pacific Belle systems of tank design and quality control. The company has produced hundreds of the highest quality, long lived and versatile tanks available. We became a strong exporter to the world and continue to provide only the best tanks and products available, promptly and well priced.

Nick Minglis and Nino Ceddia continue to have daily hands on involvement in every project as managers of the company; maintaining, and striving to improve their continued quality service and products .


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