Pacific Belle Panel Tanks
Pacific Belle
Bolted Panel Water Storage Tanks
Alstore provides a great number of bolted panel water tanks in numerous sizes specifically tailored for your needs. Below are our three most common variants with information provided in the links on each. Please don't hesistate to contact us for more details or any further enquiries.
Round Panel Tanks

The Pacific Belle RT is best suited for containing large sums of water, it comes in the largest sizes and is our most commonly used tank available.

Round Panel Tank


GRP Tanks
Due to the nature of the fibreglass in our GRP tanks they are best used for drinking water and other applications that require the cleanest water possible. The unique characteristics of fibreglass means they are lightweight, and last forever.

GRP Tank

Square Panel Tanks
Our Square Tanks come in the widest range of sizes and shapes. Due to this flexibility they are typically found in smaller, more cramped areas where the most efficient use of space is necessary.

Square Panel Tank


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